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Name: (optional) Dixie
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Comments: AWESOME WORK!!!!
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Comments: Gon spend alot of time her
Name: (optional) Natasha Harris-Johnson
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Comments: I love this site. Thank you so very much. Please email me. I need help on something. Thank you again for this site. It gave me the spark of hope I needed today to push forward. Peace and Blessings
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Comments: Happy to be here y'all
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Comments: keep up the work this is is awesome
highly recomended this website
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Comments: this is great tools
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Comments: Very Interesting!
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Comments: Awesome site !! I'll be visiting often .
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Comments: awesome and great tools to get back our freedom
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Comments: Wonderful site. Glad I found it. Looking forward to having detailed instructions on how to remove ourselves from the corporate status back to the land. Detailed instructions that have been tried and that work. There are to many confusing...
Name: (optional) Joani
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I'm speaking from a not so young person that has eyes that are diminish in sight and some of these writings with the slanted lines and the color are hard to read. One would think that you could expand the information area to allow a little more room. Great idea to have all the info in one place. Thanks
Name: (optional) monique
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Comments: Thank you for all of the hard work and research it has taken to get us this far. I would love to help by being sworn in to service and am able to help with any research, emailing, whatever you might need or want help with. Please get in touch if I may help in any way. Be well friends.
Name: (optional) hank
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Comments: WOW great stuff
Name: (optional) Kim
E-mail: (optional) kbuchanan1060@gmail.com
Comments: Great site! I lost my appeal of debt collector Bank of America's foreclosure complaint summary judgment even though the original note was never tendered to the court. I was pro se and didn't know to object in the lower court, but I raised this fact in appeal. The attorney admitted in appellate pleadings the note was not delivered to the lower court even though he claimed, while he appeared by phone during the summary judgment hearing, that the original note was right there on his desk — of course there was no witness to testify to that! Just a side note, under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act not all entities attempting to collect a debt are considered debt collectors. There are circumstances under which a corporation collecting a debt is not considered a debt collector under the FDCPA. I highly recommend the group called What Lies In Your Debt for understanding these differences.
Name: (optional) Frederick Stradog Stralow
E-mail: (optional) stradog585@aol.com
Comments: I found this website thanks to Natasha Harris-Johnson. I am an Admin for Citizens Action Network. Michael C. School is the Founder and Leader of those pages and he is the one that introduced me to Judge Anna' writings. I just did a quick view of the website but I really like what I see so far. I wonder if it would possible to include a link to barefootsworld.net there is a lot of good information there and Bob Hardison was a good man and would have supported this site I do believe. I have been working to bring together as many of the like minded people, groups and organizations. It looks like you are doing something similar because I see several other sites listed here. Also, can you add uscivilflags.org to this page? I am not affiliated with that site, but they offer for sale several styles of the US Civil Flag and they have a pretty good history about the flag. The last item is Adam Kokesh's free e-book Free! dom which can be downloaded for FREE at thefreedomline.com Also Adam Kokesh is exploring a run for POTUS in 2020, but the twist is he wants to abolish the government. He explains his plan a lot better than I can. Thanks for your time and all you do Judge DW.
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Comments: Thanks! Much love and appreciation!!
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Comments: Great Site, Great Cause, Great Service To Your Fellow Mankind!!!
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Comments: Thank you so much for your time this evening. I am so looking forward to these steps and educating myself and then educating others
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Comments: Thank you for all you do to bring us back to freedom.
Name: gary
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Comments: GREAT site I need to review more and learn. THANKS
Name: Jonathan
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Comments: I have been studying this for about 7 or 8 months. looking for help in the next steps of exiting the corporate slavery.
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Comments: Thank you so much for sharing and caring enough about America and the people to share this amazing page!!!
Name: (optional) Dave
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Comments: Nicely done. Many good points that the average American has no clue of. I also like the other links to the other web sites of same mine. Suggestion would be to help to solicitation of the growth of the CLGJ's that is needed in the different states. If you agree, push the people to change their status, to become free. Reclaim the Republic.
Name: colby
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Comments: Here is a way to switch to Gold currency. I have received mine and its certificates.
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Name: Kevin Cote'
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Comments: I am a Continental Marshal and wanted to thank you for making this possible . Your hard work and selflessness inspires me . I am in New York and we here have our work cut out for us. I was also one of the founding members of NLA years ago and ledt because of the wrong neadedness of John Darash and I felt he was leading all those good people astray with his iron fisted directions. Here I have finally found honest open minded smart people who I can now move forward with... Godspeed to Us.
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E-mail: beckyadams1027@gmail.com
Comments: I tried to ask last night on Tim's call but never could, he had asked me to call in with this question thinking others would benefit from the answer, what is the correct/best way to place the form 56 and proper IRS papers into the hands of the Judge currently over a case we are involved in? Any and all help appreciated! Learning and praying daily!!
Private Comment No
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Name: Alverta Cole'
E-mail: dustycole43@yahoo.com
Comments: What a blessing all the people involved. God will keep you all safe. I have been learning and searching for over a year. I belong to a private group working towards Common Law Court. I am 74 years of age and amazed of the fraud I have been under. I have authenticated my Berth Cert, filed my UCC1, but have to make corrections to it. I'm trying to get all the documents I need to file in the county of Michigan. After I take care of this, my first target is Credit Acceptance. I co-signed for my sister to get a car, and she died 6 months later, so I struggled to pay for the car. I got a letter and my original contract with PAID on the envelope. Do I have to wait until everything is filed before I start my 1099A OID process? Thanks for your help.
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Name: N. Nazarayah'
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Comments: Greetings; This is my first time catching you on utube. I live in Santa Fe, NM . Its so good to know you are in NM. I did not see a scedule on your webpage. Please call if you are ever in Santa Fe. 505 920 6548 NAZA
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Name: steve'
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Comments: thanks for what your doing and hope we can work together so i can get caught up and understand what im doing. this is all new and im trying to take on these county criminals
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Name: Audry'
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Comments: I love this website. Thank you for putting this together. what is awesome is that I'm seeing people here that I have connected with through other sites over time. People are all coming around full circle in my networks which is wonderful! That means we're reaching out to each other and it's working. Thank you all for your hard work and strength.
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Name: Robert Gass'
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Comments: God speed!!
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Name: Sandy Jasmine'
E-mail: tavares5002@gmail.com
Comments: love the site. Great information. I love all the documentation. However, I would like to see more detailed information as to where and how the documents are to be filed or recorded. Right now i'm interested in the Affidavit of Right of Suffrage. Great form, but where do I file/record it? SOS of state I am living in, or birth state? Also, I would recommend not using such bold colors and heavy artwork. It's very distracting and does not add anything to the website. IMO.
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Name: Joe Niklas'
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Comments: Great information. I am listening to all of Tim's audios to comprehend this process.
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Name: Orlando Anglada'
E-mail: okanglada@hotmail.com
Comments: Ok so I'm briefly going over some of the great information here, but I'm not seeing what I'm looking for. This year 2017 I want to purchase a home and have it discharged! I can't do it the regular way ie; bank loan, lender etc. How would I set up my acct to purchase and discharge debt?
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Name: Alexander Hutchins'
E-mail: Alex.hutchins95@gmail.com
Comments: I have a few questions I'd like to ask. First: I'm using my father,s va benifits for colledge. If I were to do the second option on the tool list, for no taxes or legal and fines as long as i don't injure someone. Would this get rid of the VA benifits? Also how do I make it so ALEX HUTCHINS isn't being used as a straw man. I don't care about getting benifits I just don't like what the goverment is doing. Thank you very much.
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Name: John Lake'
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Comments: Thank you for everything you are doing! The education is very helpful on getting the steps toward freedom.
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