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Document Library

Name Description
Document Authentication Authentication of Certificate of Live Birth
Document Affidavit Foundational Basis for Revocation of Election
Document DS-4194 US Authentication Form US dept of state Request for Authentication Service Form
Document Affidavit Affidavit of Verification
Document Affidavit Affidavit of Truth - Proof of Claim
Document Commercial Lien International Commercial Lien Process
Document Notice (Doc Pack) WithDrawal of Appearance In Rep Capacity
Document Notice (Doc Pack) Notice Re Oath & Bond
Document Notice (Doc Pack) Notice of Non-Rep Capacity
Document Writ (Doc Pack) Instructions on Habeas
Document Writ (Doc Pack) Habeas (Generic)
Document Notice (Doc Pack) Final Non-Surety Notice and Order
Document Notice (Doc Pack) Instructions Non-Surety
Document DBA Assumed Name Register Your Fictitious or DBA Name (all states)
Document PA DBA Assumed Name Application for Fictitious Names
Document Steps & Processes Steps to use within the courtroom
Document Jurisdiction Contract For Jurisdiction in the Courts
Document Affidavit Supporting Affidavit in the Matter of Birth Record Correction
Document Authentication Authentication of Birth Certificate and Counter Deed
Document Five Star Passport Beat The Law - NonCitizen State National
Document Complaint Form Common Law Grand Jury Complaint Form
Document Lien Common Law Lien Process
Document DS-11 US PASSPORT
Document Application Revoke Voter Registration Application
Document Five Star Passport Passport Ending Treason (Silver Bullet)
Document Notice Notice & Declaration (How to Stop An Arrest)
Document Informational No Zip Code Information
Document Informational Postal Powers
Document Jurisdiction Jurisdictionary - Affirmative Defenses
Document Affidavit Affidavit of Political Status (Filing Directions Only)
Document Power of Attorney General Power of Attorney
Document Information The Hague Trust Convention on the Laws (informational)
Document Writ Writ of Habeas Corpus
Document Declaration Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Document Notice Notice to Principle
Document Notice Notice of Lien
Document Obama Related Information Islam and Sharia law in the united state!
Document Treaty Bilateral treaties In Force!
Document Affidavit Affidavit of Truth - Promissory Note
Document Blue Collar Conservative Recommitting to an America that Works
Document Declaration Declaration of Political Character, Status, & Allegiance
Document Treaty Definitive Treaty With Great Britain
Document Petition Emergency Intervention (Protect the Land and the People)
Document Petition Emergency Intervention (court order)
Document Case Law Merrion v. Jicarilla Apache Tribe 455 US 130...
Document Writ Peremptory Writ of Mandamus on Emergency Intervention (3rd part)
Document Notice Private Bill and Act Demanded
Document Jurisdiction Sovereignty and Original Jurisdiction
Document Contract The Constitution Of the united states transcription
Document Declaration The Declaration of Independence (Transcription)
Document Treaty The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783
Document Informational The People or the State
Document Statute USC 3370 - Common Law explained by the corporation...
Document Verification Verified Private Claim
Document Verification Verified Truth Statement
Document Writ Writ of Amicus Brief of Rights
Document Private Private Property Plates
Document Codes Business and Professions Codes 17900-17930
Document Affidavit Affidavit Law Cites
Document Resources Our Current Understanding of Our Constitution judiciary system
Document Application Passport Application (DS-11)
Document Interview Ralph Winterowd interviews Donna Baran
Document Commerce Everything in commerce is fictional - (Update 5-11-2016)
Document Addendum Zeitgeist Addendum Part 1
Document Resources Strawman
Document Resources Strawman Illusions
Document Resources No Contract No Case
Document Affidavit Affidavit Denial Traveling in Commerce
Document Rights Bill of Rights
Document Resources Birth Certificate Fraud EXPOSED!
Document Resources Presumption - Chief Weapon For Unlawful Enlarging Federal Jurisdiction
Document Notice Correspondence - Authentication of Birth Certificate & Counter Deed
Document Case Law Judges and Court Clerks Violate the Law when your court filings are denied
Document Constitution Pennsylvania State Constitution
Document Documents Original Constitution for America (Part 1)
Document Documents Original Constitution for America (Part 2)
Document Documents Original Constitution for America (Part 3)
Document Documents Original Constitution for America (Part 4)
Document Documents Original Constitution for America (Part 5)
Document Documents Original Constitution for America (Part 6)
Document Documents Original Constitution for America (Part 7)
Document Documents Original Constitution for America (Part 8)
Document Documents Original Constitution for America - Bill of Rights
Document Documents Original Constitution for America - Bill of Rights Amendments
Document Documents Original Constitution for America - Ratified
Document Documents Original Constitution for America - Article XI
Document Test A Quiz For All Loyal Americans
Document Law The Importance that Maxims of Law
Document Declaration Declaration of Status (Oath & Bond) Word Doc Format
Document Instructions Declaration of Status (Oath & Bond) Instructions
Document Declaration Declaratory Judgement (example)
Document Authentication Authentication Process of the Birth Certificate/COLB
Document Notice Declaration Notice of Law Enforcement
Document Commercial Lien Ronnie Davis's Golden Ticket
Document Law Cites Affidavit Law Cites (case law)
Document Informational Constitutional Judicial System (Our Understanding)
Document SSA-8 Form Lump Sum Death Payment
Document Notice Notice & Warning to Utility Companies
Document Resources Why a National?
Document Informational Letters Patent
Document Informative Claims of Birth International Status
Document Notice Notice of Affidavit of Withdrawl of Consent
Document Affidavit Affidavit of Non-Response
Document Affidavit Affidavit of the Right of Suffrage
Document Instructions How To Properly Use Stamps on Important Docs
Document Informative Claim of Life Estate
Document Template Declaration for Certificate of Life (Example)
Document Resources Equal Under Law by: John Henry-Hill, MD
Document Template 1099-A Checking, Savings, and Credit Card (Example)
Document Template 1099-A Complaint, Judgement, and Collections (Example)
Document Template 1099-A Mortgage, Car Note, Utility Bill (Example)
Document Template 1099-OID Checking, Savings, and Credit Card(Example)
Document Template 1099-OID Complaint, Judgement, and Collections(Example)
Document Template 1099-OID Mortgage, Car Note, and Utility Bill(Example)
Document Form Form 1096 for 1099-A
Document Form Form 1096 for 1099-OID
Document Form 1099-LTC Form (Example)
Document Instructions 1099-LTC instructions
Document Tax Booklet

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